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What if voters could pick their leaders based on the issues instead of party, race or gender?

What if it didn't take millions of dollars in lobbying & donations to get the policies you want? 

We know that getting informed takes way too much time and it's really hard to know who to trust. We are VotingSmarting, a passionate team of volunteers using technology to make it easier to get informed & make political decisions. Whether is was through our "Dating App for Elections" in 2020, our Chrome shopping extension in 2022, or our recent partnership to be the data provider for

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Our Dating App for Elections helped thousands of voters in 2020 find the candidates they matched with best based on 16 different political issues. In about 5 minutes our users saw how will they matched with each candidates running for President, Governor, House, and Senate. All based on over 4,000 hours research conducted by 135 hardworking volunteers. If you want us to bring back our Dating App for Elections for the upcoming election please be sure to click the support button above!

Using tech for good

Where we started

When Voting Isn't Enough

Money controls politics, so we started working on how you can control where your money goes.

After the 2020 election, using our 4,000 hours of political research, we downloaded all the corporate political donation data we could find. We mapped those donations to the candidates they went to and created "political impact" scores for each brand. Then we embedded those data into a chrome shopping extension, so you could start shop your values.  People have quickly figured out that voting on election hasn't changed much but that voting with our dollars might change everything.  If you want to shop your values visit to get their app that takes it to the next level.

What We're Up To Now: Shoppyist

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We have teamed up with the Shoppyist team to be their official political data provider.

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